Sunday, July 8, 2007

Eclectic Hog Productions Debut!!!

Eclectic Hog Shirt - Arrancar (Hollow) #1/Uno, originally uploaded by millermz.

Well, I know I mentioned some time ago that I might be selling products through CafePress, and while I wasn't quite ready to announce that on The Anime Life before, I feel that now with some good ideas underway, from a very excellent creative team, that I can unveil what is my CafePress Store.

First of all, since I'd like to think at least someone might like to visit? Anybody... the url is Why? Well that's a good question, but basically the name Eclectic Hog just seemed to fit a) the eclectic nature of my project, while hog was something my mom through in, which was b) so much better than anything I'd come up with.

Now, the eclectic component is something to notice, if only because you might notice now that there are very few shirts actually anime related in the store. Well, with the Arrancar line-up, that should soon change, with 9 more shirts, and if interested, these may feature the names of the arrancar themselves on the backs.

The other shirt anime related just says simply "Fillers Suck." While I don't prefer to phrase my distaste in such a manner, I know that filler's generally are horrific, and I figured maybe some people felt so strongly about that they'd maybe wear a shirt saying so. Who knows, because at this point I certainly don't.

All I know is that I thought I'd introduce you to the shop, and hopefully you'll have some interest in the future to look around. Now, I will be providing some updates occasionally but trust me, this blog is in now way just a way to sell shirts, so while I may push Eclectic Hog products occasionally, with a side image or something, I'll still keep doing what I've been doing, which is blogging away all that happens or I've seen in my still relatively short anime life.

So, please bear with me if you hate this, or if you love this then thanks ahead of time in case you by anything, but since I don't know what you'll do, have a very ambivalent time, and I'll be back with a commercial free post in a day or two.

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