Tuesday, April 3, 2007

JRock for the JSoul

Orange Range, originally uploaded by Indigo Vapour.

Well, I know that last post I commented about trying to add a little more different types of content, although instead of posting more news, I want to possibly have occasional videos linked in from YouTube featuring a JRock or JPop song. Now, at this point in time I will openly admit to being fairly new to the whole Japanese music scene. I'll also admit that most of what I've heard are through anime shows only. Yet I am selective, and am theoretically, based on my background, supposed to have some kind of recognition for good music, but I guess you can determine that on your own.

I will say right now that I have mainly found myself in what I consider to be the rock, and sometimes even the rap side of Japanese music. This song, ビバ★ロック (translation anyone?) by Orange Range, is a great example of such. I found this in my local Japanese store on the NARUTO Best Hit Collection (my first import cd purchase), and although I didn't remember it from the show, I thought it was very unique, both video and song, and thus choose it as my initial 'feature j vid' if you will. One thing I will comment too, is I don't actually know what this song means, but it's clearly something about Americans, so if anyone wants to comment on that, the translated title, or other suggestions for songs please do, as I'm more than happy to have your feedback.

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