Sunday, April 8, 2007

J-Pop on iTunes

itunesstore, originally uploaded by thoth92.

Perhaps it was coincidence that I wrote my first post on music right before iTunes added a jPop section, but regardless I am now hear to tell you, as this month's NewType told me, that access to jPop has just gotten a little bit easier.

How so? Well with iTunes. You've probably gone to the iTunes store before, hit browse, and looked around and saw little to no Japanese music. Now though, if you hit browse just after holiday you'll find the new J-Pop section, which should help the average otaku increase their access to their favorite J-artists.

Of course this isn’t all encompassing, as I was personally amiss that Orange Range was not on there, but artists with the popularity of Dir En Grey are, so it's not all bad by any means. In fact, I'm excited because while imports are cool, they're expensive, and although has Japanese iTunes cards (with instructions), it's nice that we don't have to hassle ourselves anymore with even the slightly tedious processes.

So in closing I thank iTunes for their continued coolness, and will be purchasing from you soon...

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