Monday, April 2, 2007

Otaku USA - Bringing Down The Dōjō

Ikki of Air Gear, originally uploaded by millermz.

Now, I know that traditionally I've just given some reviews of anime , commented on podcasts, and then talked a brief bit about conventions, but today I'm going to hit a little bit of news. Normally, I don't do this since the feed (on the left) for anime news will be more up-to-date than I, and to be honest many probably already know this news, but I'm telling it anyway. Apparently there'll be a new anime magazine, titled Otaku USA, being head by Patrick Macias.

All right, so to answer a couple immediate questions you may have. I don't know specifics but the magazine's supposed to come out later this year, and I'm excited (although I admittedly probably buy too many anime magazines...)

To describe the magazine, I'll just post what Macias posted on his blog:

"Each issue of OtakuUSA will be oversized 9 x 10 7/8, with a poster bound in the center spread, and a DVD inserted onto the front cover, with full- length Anime features and game demos. In addition, each issue of Otaku USA will include a full manga feature, printed as a pull-out section. My aim is to make Otaku USA the best, most comprehensive Japanese pop culture magazine in the marketplace."

The typical issue of Otaku USA, which will have a cover price of $9.99 ($11.99 in Canada), will be at least 150 pages long and printed in full color on glossy paper. The bimonthly magazine will cover manga, anime, computer games and J-Pop, and it will be written by an American staff from an American point of view."

--- Seems cool right? Well, at least to me, but then again Macias is kind of the epitome of what I'd like to be since, at least till now I guess, Patrick writes in Japan about otakudom, which from my perspective, there couldn't be a cooler thing to do. (Talk about someone whose living the anime life....)

Yeah, of course we'll have to see what it's actually like when it comes out, but I'm anticipating great things!!

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