Saturday, September 1, 2007

Snack Break - Men's Pocky

Men's Pocky, originally uploaded by millermz.

Well, I've been able to keep up with my quick pace much better than I imagined, but I believe it's time for a snack break.

That's right, time for some pocky, but not just ordinary or strawberry pocky, this is the infamous Men's pocky! Ok, at least I thought it was infamous as the concept is truly strange, but upon tasting it I really only noticed a slight difference in the taste and texture. For instance, I believe this may have a bit more chocolate, although I can't confirm it for sure, and while it tastes almost like normal chocolate pocky this Men's pocky took on almost a fudge flavor which was definitely nice.

So overall, even with slight changes, this is tied for first now with strawberry pocky, and I will definitely purchase some in the future! Of course, I'm a male eating Men's pocky, but what would happen if...?

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Melanie Faith said...

I agree. I thought Kyo was a fair anime but it could have been better. ^_^