Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Captains, The Emeralds, & Peelander-Z

For so many of us, the chance of seeing a JRock, JPop artist/band at a Con is a thrilling experience... So, when I hear that Japanese musicians are coming to tour the States, I'm extremely excited! In other words, right now I'm oh-so extremely excited because the JRock bands, The Captains, The Emeralds, & Peelander-Z, are not only touring, but they're also coming to my neck of the woods, good ole' scenic Chattanooga, TN!!!

Even more intriguing is that through what was mostly accident, I am now helping promote The Captains and their visit to Chattanooga. I won't go into details regarding the how, but I will provide the who. Mainly the fact that Eric Bresler, director of Otaku Unite! and also the creator and owner of the website and label(?) Tokyo No Radio, is in charge of the Captains tour, so I'll be helping him out with posting up flyers and posters.

Now many of you probably already know Peelander-Z and possibly the band The Emeralds, since they've toured the US before, both having gone to SXSW; however, this is the first time for the band The Captains, and it promises to be an awesome show!!!

For those who want to know more, they have a MySpace and website which I'll link to, but here's a little blurb about them.

About the Captains:

Modern Group Sound champions The Captains consider themselves the “Last Group Sounds”, proudly carrying on the tradition of their rock and roll forefathers. The Captains’ first two records were released in 2002 on the independent Autobahn Records label. These were followed by their 2004 release “The New World” in which the band solidified their sound and style. The Captains’ made their major label debut on Toshiba EMI with their fourth record, “The Rock’n’Roll Frontline” in 2006. Also that year, in honor of the genre’s 40th anniversary, The Captains released a three song EP entitled “GS Covers” which included covers of GS legends The Carnabeats and The Dynamites.


Cool, huh? Even more cool, and something for a longer talk later, is that you can find their album Bara No Ori on iTunes, or if you pre-order their new album, "Last Group Sounds" now from Tokyo No Radio up until the 18th of this month, you can get a free sticker and tour poster.

At this point you may be wondering, yes but will they be coming to my area? Well, for your sake I hope so; but for sure, the three bands' biggest performance will be undoubtedly at Anime Weekend Atlanta, in addition though, you can find these bands in a variety of cities all throughout September, so hopefully you can stop by and hear them play!

Enough of my scribbling though, I'll just let you go check them out for yourselves...

The Captains

- MySpace
- Tokyo No Radio: The Captains

- MySpace
- Official Site

The Emeralds

- MySpace

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