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Preview: Claymore

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For those of you who give this site more then a momentary viewing, you've probably realized that while I end up finishing and writing reviews on all these shows that my list of anime that I'm "Currently Watching" just seems to become larger.

Well, it's done so again with the addition of two new series I'm really into, and that's Claymore and Darker Than Black. Before I give a little plot introduction on the first of those two shows, Claymore, I'd merely like to comment that I am most likely getting myself in too deep by watching this many shows, because most of them are, or are going to be, at least 50 episodes long, and the one show that's short xxxHolic just had a sequel announced, so that'll mean even more episodes that I have to watch for that show. Clearly I've just found too much free time somewhere, because I wait for the fansubs, and since they're all scattered about, in terms of release time, I find myself impatiently wanting to watch more which ultimately leads me to, you've guessed it, another new anime series! Well, enough about my impatience and the drawbacks therein, let me tell you a bit about Claymore, my latest "Currently Watching" addition.

Claymore: A Preview

The time period for this show is probably back in the 1700's or 1800's, when most of humanity still found themselves in towns or villages. Life isn't so simple though, because monsters called Yoma are killing off villagers, only to then assume the mind and body of one of their prey, and blend in thus preventing detection and allowing for more feedings.

The only weapon the humans have are beings called Claymores, due to their distinctive weapon of choice, the sword known as the claymore. These are women, half-human and half-yoma, who can detect and most often kill Yoma, and are paid to do so. The Claymores are not entirely trusted by humans, as they are part yoma themselves; however, this somewhat stable relationship continues as they keep mutual distance from each other.

However, one boy named Raki, whose parent's were the first to be killed by Yoma in their village, finds himself attached to the Claymore sent to kill the Yoma. The Claymore, surprised by his attachment, does nothing to intentionally keep him around, and instead advises him to leave, yet the two find themselves soon enough traveling companions, as the Clare, the Claymore, alongside Raki goes from mission to mission.

-- Now, that's jumping a bit ahead, about an episode or two, but that's the general idea. I want to mention at this point in time that I'm a real fan of the series, and I would definitely recommend the show (having now seen the first 20 episodes myself.) Heavy with violence and fighting, those fans who want to see, as Daryl Surat puts in his Otaku USA review, "...Berserk, only with a girl instead of a guy" will definitely find this show a treat, as I have so far.

Well, thanks for reading, and next time I might write about Darker Than Black, or give my full review on Samurai Deeper Kyo, or something entirely different. Who knows?!?

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