Thursday, August 16, 2007

My 1,800 Yen Worth

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Well, with the help of I was able to supply myself with some nice JPop/JRock music, and while I am still saddened that none of the bands associated with Sony or their affiiliate labels can be found on iTunes Japan I still like what I picked-up which I shall now describe.

First, since I had pretty limited funds I didn't want to go spending it all on one CD, so I primarily stuck to EPs and Singles. Thus, when I ran across the Japanese band Onsoku Line, when looking at bands said to be similar to The Pillows, I was very happy to find they had just release a new Single release titled Koiuta. After a quick sampling of the three tracks: Koiuta, Kogarashini Dakarete, and Amemachi, I felt happy enough, and spent my first 500 or so yen on their single.

Next I went for an artist I'd already found to be on iTunes Japan and that's the group Back-On. They're best known for doing the opening song for Air Gear, titled Chain; however, I'd found their other songs to be pretty cool too, especially their most recent single New World. But I didn't want to waste my precious iTunes Japan card on something I could easily get, or already had, so instead I went into their back catalog and purchased their EP titled Adachi Tribe.

One thing I was afraid of was that I'd be left with less that 150 yen, since that was the going price of the cheapest songs; however, somehow I must've gotten truly lucky because 150 yen was exactly the amount I ended up with.

So, and this story is much shorter, I just clicked on the rock section and browsed around until I found a track I liked. I happened upon such a song by Lost in Time, 約束, which I don't know how to translate but it sounded good and at least at present it's Lost in Time's most popular download, so I figured that alone was good enough reason to buy it, and so I did.

Now, as I mentioned I only was able to sample most of the songs, but I'm listening to them right now and will try to get back to you sometime in the near future with my thoughts.

I will make one comment regarding the process, and only to say that purchasing from, and then actually using the Japanese iTunes card was fairly simple, so for those of you out there who have yet to try it because of worries, well you need not hesitate. The only issue is what I ran into and that is the fact that many bands are not yet on iTunes Japan because of the Sony vs. iTunes fight over there, but you should be able to find plenty of music still, so it's in my opinion definitely still worth the money.

Well that's it for the present, and I'll return soon!

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