Sunday, July 1, 2007

JRock/JPop Returns!

Boom Boom Satellites at Endfest 2000, originally uploaded by .damien.

Well, I was going to try to write another review before I go on my week long trip; however, I feel that instead, I'll leave you with some of the tunes I'll be listening to on my way north.

First off, this is a song I've mentioned previously as being the second ending of Shakugan No Shana, and that's the track 'Aka no Seijaku' as sung by Yoko Ishida. Not only do I love having seen Yoko in person, but this is truly an excellent song, and the way it's transitioned into in Shana is almost always so perfect that I just keep watching the ending after every episode. Now, the link isn't to a PV (or promotional video, which is the music video equivalent in Japan); however, this is more of a slideshow I found on YouTube with different Shakugan No Shana related pics put to the song. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you like the show too, so go check that out.

Next, I was clickling around randomly in the music section on Crunchy Roll, when I came across an artist labeled as Japanese Electronica/Rock. This had me curious enough, but when the first guitar riff busts out of this song, the first of theirs I listened to, I knew I couldn't get enough. The band is known as Boom Boom Satellites (pictured above), and this song is 'Kick It Out'.

Well, while there are probably several more JPop/JRock tracks I'm going to listen to, I'll just let you in on those later if you're interested. Until then, or until next week, hope all is well and I'll return shortly enough - I promise.

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