Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Culinary Delights

Cooking Lecture: Japanese - 松花堂弁当 Shokado-style Bento Box (Japanese "Lunchbox"), originally uploaded by panduh.

I am upset. For the entirety of my life I've only eaten Japanese food maybe four times. This isn't just upsetting as an otaku, but also as for myself just as a person, since I consider myself to be fairly cosmopolitan. Yes when I was younger the concept of raw fish disgusted me, and now having recently graduated from college the price for quality Japanese hurts the most; however, I would like to overcome this and thankfully I've found a way to do this temporarily at least, in the only was possible, and that is to go to my fine local Japanese restaurant.

At this point, I guess I find little harm divulging my current location since I'll only be hear for such a short while. Thus, I'm at present in pleasant Bowling Green, KY. Bowling Green is the home of many find things such as Corvettes, Duncan Hines (the man not the company), and Daigacon, the 1st going on 2nd year con that I wrote about in my very first blog posts for this blog. Incidentally, Bowling Green also probably has the greatest, of one of the greatest, percentages of restaurants per residents. Thankfully, this means there are a few Japanese restaurants around, but the only one I've gone to, and maybe the only one I'll go to, is that chosen by Yoko Ishida and Yunmao Ayakawa on their visit to Bowling Green, which is the restaurant Yuki.

The first time I attempted a visit Yuki I went inside to find a great atmosphere and a 2-hour wait. Being graduation weekend, I should've seen this coming, but I didn't and my schedule wouldn't allow for me to experience Yuki's fine dinging first hand, that night at least.

However, imbued with confidence that this was the place I had heard local otaku rant and rave about, plus seeing Yoko Ishida's autographed picture by the counter, I returned with my friend, whom got me seriously into anime, to venture out to Yuki another night, where I had easily one of the best meals in my life. Regretfully, I don't entirely remember all of the items I ate; however, I know I had sushi, specifically tuna roll, and some other great items that when put together, led my friend to say I had basically ordered a sushi-style bento box.

What's the point of all this? Well, before I leave oh-so serene Bowling Green, I've already made plans to attend Yuki one more time. Now, I can't say I'm going to be adventurous and trying something new, regardless, I can't believe that I, and especially my otaku self, lasted this long without it! Yes I know I sound like a fan boy for food, but with a restaurant like Yuki, it's hard not to be.

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