Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beautifully Arresting

Well, regretfully do to the lack of a certain dubbed or fan subbed episode from Beck, I've had to pause my watching of the show; however, since I like it so much, I already planned to buy the series and now will just do that.

Now, many comments have gone both ways, on whether the music's actually any good, but for me it's been mix and match until I found "Moon On The Water", said to be by one of the band's in the show named Dying Breed, but actually it's by the Beat Crusaders, who did the opening track "Hit In The USA". Now, I do like the original Beat Crusaders' version, but I was just overwhelmed upon hearing the song sung *correction* as done by the Japanese voice actors. Amazing to say the least, in my opinion, and thus I'd like to share the vid here. Now, for fans of the Beat Crusaders, or just people curious to hear the original, I'll put that video up as well. But either way, it's an awesome song that just seems to have a real power to it that just moves you.


Beck - Japanese Anime Version

Original Video Below - Beat Crusaders

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