Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm back... but still a short post

Well, this is probably my longest break so far from blogging, and that's due to a nessecary trip, which due to my schedule, kept me away from the internet. I'm back though, but I'm just going to post briefly, and then I'll go back to my normal lengthy posts.

First of all, I'm excited to see that so many cons are popping up in my local area. While I'm not all prepared to put my precise location, I will say Tennessee, and since most of TN is a day's drive, that leaves a lot of opportunity when new cons spring up. I'll list these in the future, with some revelation of at least what town I'm in, but for now, I'm just excited.

Ok, other then that I said I may from time to time post AMV's, including my own, and this is indeed one I made several months back. The video footage is all Full Metal Panic (w/ no spoilers), and the song is Not Enough by the band Our Lady Peace. This is the AMV that won me the Oh! My Goddess OVA set at Daigacon, so I hope you like the video.

Likewise, comments positive or negative are more then welcome, as I know I have much work still to do to become a great AMV creator.


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