Friday, June 15, 2007

I recommend....

Now, most of my post so far have been some reflection on either an anime, a convention, or perhaps a music video or an amv. However, as I get more involved with my fandom, I feel that at some point I can be more and more useful for those either just becoming Otaku, or those who just don't know about all the excellent resources offered to us as fans, most undoubtedly by other fans. So, occasionally I will try to provide updates, as does Aaron from Weekly Anime Review Podcast, on sales, or just special buys, such as one I'm going to mention later in this post.

Additionally though, I'll try to highlight some good sites for watching fan subs, if you don't already know of these, and for reading scanalations, manga translated before coming to the U.S., so hopefully you'll find these, and the other assorted sites I suggest at least decently useful. Of course, feel free to list those that you like as well, or if you run such a site, or similar site, and you feel left out then post a comment, and I'll be sure to check out your site, and perhaps put a link to it!


When I first started watching anime, as I've mentioned, all mine was either on purchased DVDs of friends or Cartoon Network and other anime tv programs; however, thanks to fansubs you can find those great anime before they hit the U.S. market, and then purchase all once distrubuted, right? Hopefully, so here's some links to nice fansub aggregate sites in alphabetical order.

- AnimeEden
- CrunchyRoll
- RealityLapse
- TV Links

Sales/Good Buy

Now, I saw this on Weekly Anime Review first, so all credit for the early news, but's holding a sale where, a special list of Geneon products, go for 10 for $50, and 25 for $100. While the products themselves are pretty good, if you're in the US you also get free shipping, so this is indeed a nice sale, although reluctantly my budget will not currently allow me to participate, I did catch their previous sale like this, and was very pleased. (Click here to get to

Now, my Good Buy for this time is a less anime, but still sort of otaku, as I'm talking about something special going on over at Megatokyo. Currently, until this Sunday, Fred Gallagher, one of the creators, and only ongoing creator at this point, will be autographing all Vol. 5 Megatokyo books, along with all posters. Now, being a very recent fan of Megatokyo, while some seem to have slipped away, I found this enticing as I was going to get a poster anyways. So if you like Megatokyo and needed a little extra incentive, perhaps this is it.
(Click here for Megatokyo's store)

Alright, well I certainly outdid my short post from last time, and as always if you like this sort of thing, or don't, just comment. Be bold! I'll take all comments into consideration...

Until next time though, take care!

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