Friday, March 9, 2007

Daigacon Pictures

Somehow it escaped me to post up my couple of Daigacon pictures I took, as disappointing as only a couple may be. However, I've also been part of the Daigacon forum that's trying to compile all of the photos and pics from the con, so I will include links from that thread as well, so people can gain a better experience than through my camera, which was apparently very lazy that night. [Also, if you have a Flickr account and you want to add me as a contact I won't mind (nor bite...)]

So here they are!

Daigacon Pics

- Chris Ayres
- Yunmao Ayakawa - Blogs On Daigacon (Update !!!)

- Fan's View
- Full Effect Magazine

- Full Metal Panicked - Winner of Best in Show
- RBG Daigacon Skit
- Spoony Bards - Piano Song

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