Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Daigacon Day 2 (2nd Half) and Day 3 - Finale!

Saturday - 2nd Half

As I mentioned before, by this point I was definitely excited, and integrated into the con, and no more so then when a friend, who also signed up for the con, basically hung out with me at Daigacon for some 2 hours or so.

However, just to prelude that, I am going to reference what my mid-Saturday afternoon was like one more time, because although I was working, which once again I may explain later, I also got a pleasant surprise. A friend of mine, and security person at Daigacon, came up to me all of a sudden asking me if I entered the AMV competition, to which I replied yes, only to find out that I won something. Yeah, so very cool, especially since I won the Ah! My Goddess Collector's Edition OVA, which is cool because although I've seen it, I wanted to get my hands on a copy eventually, and why later, when I can get one now.

Ok, but the real reason I reference back is because while my friend and I were in the game room, I had the dying question about why I won, I mean specifically. So I hunt around for the AMV guy, and eventually find him. We had a very nice chat about the whole event, the vids, and basically I went away feeling very satisfied and a little more knowledgeable, which doesn't that pretty much equal power these days?

So anyways, during this time though I got to here a little of Yoko Ishida's concert, which was cool. And, I got to put on a little concert of my own with Guitar Hero 2. I have to say with the guitar this game is awesome, and trust me until Saturday night I was a skeptic! But a few licks later, and after the lesson that you have to push down the white trapezoid while I push down the frets, and I was rocking out on easy to Nirvana, and other groups. While my friend was not so taken with this, we did get to play Halo a bit, which was definitely exciting. Since my friend's main purpose was to play in the gaming competitions, it was regretful that the scheduling wasn't a little more set, but that's ok, as I personally think of that as a minor blip (although something definitely to consider for next year.)

Believe it or not that was my night, and now segway to my very brief finale!


Well, I had to work some this morning as well, but I made sure to finish my rounds through the dealer's room. At this point I picked up three posters: death note, death note, and bleach respectively, one giant box of pocky (I'll take a picture), one Japanese fruit soda beverage, one Samurai 7 wall scroll, and... no I believe that's it. Thus, ultimately I was greatly pleased with my purchases.

Literally all I actually did in the morning, other than work and shop, was to go to the closing ceremonies. If there's one thing I have to say about Daigacon that just made me so happy about, it's that their ending ceremony was actually better attended than their opening ceremony, and while this might be conceived as a negative thing, I have to say that I'm glad we could give the guest and staff such a great thanks and send off. Much like the opening ceremonies, we heard from all the guests, and thankfully they all seemed to have had a really good con.


In closing, I want to reiterate how worried I was when I got to the con, even knowing that I was one of the first ones there, but more importantly I want to emphasize the dramatic change in my opinion, well earned too I might add, because of how great all the panels were, the guests were, and frankly turn-out on Saturday, which just impressed me to no end. Also, of course it's so glad to see as many individuals, especially visiting Con chairs, help out a fledgling convention. I think at this point, the question for Daigacon is not will there be another, as much as what can we do to top Daigacon '07.

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