Monday, December 21, 2009

Slight Revival: Anime Secret Santa Project!

So I know I said I'd be transferring locations with my writings, and that's still true, but a special occasion as brought me back to "The Anime Life" for one more post.
That occasion? Reverse Thieves Secret Santa Anime project!

Reverse Thieves's site describes the project best but essentially a bunch of anime bloggers opted in and, per Secret Santa protocol, are recommending shows to watch to one another. We each had to go to our 'Secret' person's MyAnimeList page and find 3 shows they hadn't watched, at or under 26 episodes, that we felt the person would like. Following that we are sent our recommendations by proxy and then we choose 1 to watch and review for December 24th/25th. At that time we will post our review of the show we chose.

Ultimately all that, while perhaps interesting, is just my lead-in for this. Expect an anime review here for the show I chose from my Secret Santa's recommendations. I'll likely end up hosting it at the new site too, but since this is the one I listed I'll certainly post it here first.


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