Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good news!

I know I've been absent once again, but I have good news at least for me. I think I am at a point in my life where, while I'll likely be busy quite soon hopefully with a transition from a part-time to a full-time job, I will not be tied down to the same pressing deadlines that have affected me these past few months.

That said I have also gotten myself even more involved in more projects than before, although perhaps enough have fallen to the wayside to make up for it. Essentially though I am now working staff at my local anime convention, i.e. JAMPcon! For those who may have read my posts before, you probably already know this but the original plan for JAMPcon '09 has been put off till JAMPcon '10. In fact, we're essentially starting over from scratch in a lot of ways, which while disappointing I know allows for JAMPcon to save on overhead fees, while also giving me and other JAMPers more time to go to Persacon this summer in Alabama. My official title is Head Assistant, but what I do varies. I think I got this position because I kept hassling our fine president, Veggie-Trunks, about little things here and there, questions I wanted answered, con prep. I was concerned about, and lo and behold that's put me in a position of responsibility. I guess that's my punishment;) Seriously though I love what I'm doing with the con, and while I know sometimes people forget that putting on a con takes up personal time, money, effort, and love, especially when the con actually takes place, I feel anything sacrificed on my part will only lead to another person's good time :D I do apologize to any friends who may read this that there are very good reasons why I cannot tell you what I know (which is truly the little I know), but by all means message Veggie to see if you can become staff ^_^ Just expect to put in some work, which I know even for me is usally when I just gradually back away..., but if you want to be in well power = responsibility, even if the power is small and the responsibility's significant. Like I said though I'm truly enjoying this process and yeah we're a year out (May 21st-23rd, 2010) but we have 2 fine guests, Travis Willingham, known as Col. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist and many other awesome characters, and Vic Mignona, known as Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist, also along with many other truly awesome characters (believe me I'd start to list them but really they've done so much it'd be hard to stop!) So by all means go to and check out the site, sign-up for the forum at, or check out our twitter (yes twitter) at

Details of what I've done lately are admittedly quite lengthy too, so I'll just say that I believe since this writing I've gone to two cons, Daigacon and MTAC, and had tons of fun at both. Ever since MTAC last year I have gone to every con as press, thanks to my radio show, and at Daigacon I was able to interview Jason Thompson, author of Manga: the Complete Guide, as well as Mark Henry, Con Director for Daigacon '09, and then I was also able to get some short drops from Josh Grelle (Voice Actor) and Chris Ayres (Voice Actor). You can hear those all at They are all awesome people and truly helped make Daigacon an awesome experience, especially Mark of course poor guy putting it on (I now know a little more of your labors!), and I sure hope to be back next year!

MTAC was a blast too but largely thanks to my many friends, old and new, that I was able to see :) I did go to an inordinate amount of panels and on Saturday I actually went to 4 separate concerts, 5 total for the weekend, while still checking out the MTAC Idol, Super Sentai panel, Bleach & Naruto photo shoots, Voice Actor extravaganza panel, and lastly getting to meet and getting a radio drop from Jeff Nimoy, known for voicing Wolfwood from Trigun and his Adventures in Anime work, alongside Quinton Flynn, a voice actor as well. I got an absurd amount of video, and quite a number of pictures too, so if you'd like check the vids out at and the pics at (Sorry for all the links - I'm not trying to plug myself I guess, but I just have stuff to show... that's my story ^_^)

Now like I said I'm slowing down my work load, and actually after this week that will dramatically decrease, excluding the job search which has just begun. The Tokyo Tower j-rock/j-pop radio show me and a friend host is still going strong, and while we're online streaming only now if you're reading this hopefully that won't be a problem. We're on every Wednesday night from 9 to 11pm eastern, and yes shameless plug here for sure but the link is at - just click on the listen link (if you have any problems e-mail me at

Sadly I have not been watching a lot of anime, although that will change too. I am currently keeping up with Bleach and Naruto: Shippuden, the manga of those too, and I am watching the new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood revisioning of the original on Funimation's website, while also checking out the new Dragonball Z revisioning, which is called Dragonball Kai. Speaking of Dragonball did anyone see the movie Dragonball Evolution? About 7 of my friends and I made it into a fun group event, and while my brother felt the movie was worth than the Twilight film, I think those of us who had actually seen Dragonball thought "well it's no Dragonball movie really, but it's at least entertaining" while I don't even know what my friends thought who didn't know of Dragonball prior to this. Probably just, well that's weird (a legitimate reaction let me tell you).

That's where I'm at now, bordering between closing a chapter in my life, opening up a new, hopefully financially secure one preferably around where I'm at now, while the whole time teetering on the balance beam that is the bargain sale. Totally crazy... hard to resist... the power! That's everything in a nutshell. Sorry for being so slow.

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