Friday, December 19, 2008


So I'm currently on vacation for a little under a week, so my posts will probably be as irregular as they have been (sorry again). Good news though is that I'm keeping busy, specifically I'm checking out a couple books that Otaku might like, including a new fan made publication called "How To Avoid Hara-kiri: A Guide To Surviving Anime Conventions", which I'm already finding quite true and insightful, even if perhaps this initial run has some slight errors (missing the word "to" a number of times and a duplicate page for instance), but I'll give a proper review when I'm done for you all.

Oh, also my vacation is actually taking me to Disney World for 1 day, specifically Epcot, so I'll see what they have at the Japan section in their Circle of Countries, or whatever it's called. It's been awhile since I've gone so I'm sure there's much more now, and hopefully I'll be picking up new stuff there as well :)

Ok so it's getting late and I'm tired after the ride, so that's all I will say for now. Until next time!


Pand0ra Wilde said...

Watch your back in the Japan sections--Kingdom Hearts is nothing to take lightly.

Zippy (Michael) said...

It's funny - the Japan section only consists of 2 restaurants and 1 store, so didn't learn too much (of course not being the real thing), but the store was pretty cool. Kept a watchful eye for ninjas and Kingdom Hearts, but mainly saw tons of Bleach, Naruto, & Pokemon (oh the Pokemon!). But thanks for the warning :D

Anonymous said...

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