Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I'm in the middle of my lunch break and thought I'd push down that mass of text that was my last post a bit further, but to be honest in this brief time I do not have too much to say.

I do see that my visitor rate, even with my unannounced hiatus, is surprisingly strong and I've had nice comments too so thanks very much! I know some bloggers have asked for link trades, and I'm perfectly fine with that but I need to re-do the way I've been posting blog links, since I was using a 3rd party now essentially unneeded thanks to Bloggers simplicity. That'll probably take a bit though. I do think I responded to all the comments though, so that's good :)

Basically though I'm just preparing for Thanksgiving, and then switching almost immediately to Christmas preperation. My relatives have already asked for me to make my wish list, so I've done that via Amazon. Also many friends of mine from a Georgia club, Animacon, are visiting here in a couple weeks so we'll be doing our Christmas swap early. I've got everyone's gift ordered, one from Shopping Mall Japan which I still love, and hopefully they'll be showing up on my doorstep here in the next couple days.

Con season is also peeking around the corner as we have two semi-local cons in Knoxville and Memphis, which alas I probably can't attend, but even further in Destin a couple of my friends and I are looking to go to AnimeSouth, which should be exciting. Smaller than AWA, and MTAC too I believe, this should be a nice con with a great and unique atmosphere for photos - or as I say, Bleach on the Beach! After that Connooga, MTAC, Daigacon, JAMPcon, and AWA, with a possible Animazement if I can work it out, will be the cons that round out my schedule for the year. My semester's going to be extremely busy so it might not be possible, but I'll for sure do at least JAMPcon, MTAC, and AWA, with great hopes for Daigacon, since it is the return to life of my first con. All that's in the planning stages though, so still a matter of time before I really know what will happen.

Other then that though I'm just watching anime and reading manga as usual. I love the Omnibus or Big manga releases, since they're cheaper and save me from purchasing 3 unique items. That's how I've been reading Battle Royale, Dragonball, and Kenshin and I hope they release more of these in the future. For shows, Bleach and Naruto: Shippuden are just awesome right now, so they take up my main viewing time. Bleach is finally getting to where my MTAC spoilers took me, and I wish I could get into it further but either way this next episode's where it all comes together for me and I've got great anticipation for it. Naruto: Shippuden on the other hand has had several recently great episodes, specifically featuring Asuma and his old Team 10 and their fight with Akatsuki. Part 1 of the fight is over, and part 2 has begun and I think the animators are going all out on this episodes, especially with what seems to be a new fluidity to the graphics. Shippuden always seemed to have a different style, but this is really being featured now, and to me it's like we went from standard viewing to Hi-Def. So yeah loving these, and curious about all the Japanese companies releasing these soon, since if you haven't read my last post is what's about to happen.

Otherwise everything's golden or so I imagine, so just looking forward to a restful Thanksgiving. I may post before then but in case not have a happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you on the other side!


Pand0ra Wilde said...

First: I really liked your post about Crunchyroll--since I don't stream or download anime when the streamer/uploader doesn't have permission from whoever holds the copyright, it's cool to know I can find more online that I can watch legally.

Second: I must be in a weird part of the cycle for cons: I spent the last weekend of September celebrating my birthday at Geek.Kon in Madison, WI, and the weekend before Thanksgiving I was at DaishoCon in Stevens Point, WI.

Now there's a con Jan. 10 about half an hour from me--mostly gaming but some anime too, so I'll be checking it out.

From there I'll be con-free until April, when I'll be at Anime Detour in St. Paul, MN, since I'm on their staff. Meanwhile, I have a panel for the Miniskirt Army to help plan, setup for the Volunteer office and the volunteers themselves, 2 cosplays, 1 re-made MSA uniform, plus getting ready for summer for my business. The Caustic Chemical Alchemist (moi) hopes to be making cash by July again now that I'm over the move.

Hope you're having as much fun as I am.

Michael said...

Glad I could help you out with the Crunchyroll notice, although with all your conventions seems like you'll be struggling to find time to watch anything :)

Cool hearing about some of the mid-West cons, since being a South-Easterner myself we pretty much have Atlanta as a base and anything that spreads out from there, so I don't here much about your area con circuit.

I will say that Travis came to AWA which was quite fun, and his Unplugged panel with Monica & Illich was hilarious; however, one of my friends wanted to check out the MSA activities after his panel but I think got confused and ended up going the wrong direction and missing it entirely. That happens I guess.

Sounds all so fun though, especially since my cons are all spring to fall, so glad you're living it up when we aren't quite so able to yet.