Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eyeshine Videos from MTAC!

Well, it's been a little while but maybe you'll be interested in some more post-MTAC goodness.

This time, I'm posting my collective videos of Eyeshine, specifically their live concert vids but also the Eyeshine and Johnny Yong Bosch's drops for my radio show.
I know the audio's not the best quality, and frankly the video isn't either, but even so I think this does a decent job of highlighting the concert. Hope you enjoy!

"Summertime" - Eyeshine @ MTAC

"Sunday Flower" - Eyeshine @ MTAC

"Come Back Down" - Eyeshine @ MTAC

"21st Century" - Eyeshine @ MTAC

"Blackout" - Eyeshine @ MTAC

"" - Eyeshine @ MTAC (Unsure of title)

Where Eyeshine Got Their Name @ MTAC Panel

Eyeshine - 91.5 WAWL Drop

Johnny Yong Bosch - 91.5 WAWL Drop

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