Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preview: Doubt (Manga)

Aside from the fact it's been some days since I've posted, I thought I'd try something new with this post that I hadn't yet done. Essentially, that is to introduce a manga to you. I know I said I only truly review anime & manga once I've finished them entirely, but sometimes my interest is peaked early and thus I want to share my intrigue to you. I believe I did this most recently with "Claymore", a show I have since finished, but I'd never taken this idea into the world of manga, which has exponentially opened up for me. So here now is my introduction to Doubt.

Doubt (Manga): A Preview

As the photo probably immediately illustrates Doubt is no manga for kids. The grotesque juxtaposition of bunnies with blood, scars, and eeriness should demonstrate this key point. Of course, for someone like myself this also can be quite cool, but let's get to the plot.

The story begins with a rather creepy story about a wolf who snuck in disguised as a bunny into a group of bunnies and one by one killed the bunnies. The bunnies realized that one among them was the wolf, and that if they killed the correct one, then they'd be safe; but otherwise, they'd all die as the wolf fed on. The manga then states this is such a game, and transitions to a group of kids that all have met up online(?), and now meet in person, due to their involvement in a game called "Rabbit Doubt". Auspicious, no?

Well the main character, Yuu, already knows one of the girls Mitsuki, but the other three are new to him, and one of the kids doesn't show up at all. So they meet and even comment how they get along like old chums. Shortly after though, we see Yuu knocked unconscious by someone with a rabbit "head" on and Yuu finds himself, his companions, and the missing player, all trapped in a lab. Suddenly they realize the game they imagined may not be the game they are playing, as one of the characters has been killed and stuck to a wall, while each of the others have bar codes now for one-time use for doors, letting them slowly discover their evil surroundings.

Will they find the "rabbit" in disguise? Or will the killer wolf win? That is the game "Rabbit Doubt."

--This alone was intriguing enough for me, and for those who liked the Saw series then you'll probably see some parallels. Having read further then what I gave in plot, I would like to say I'm still quite hooked, and still sadly have little idea as to who the killer is, although that'd just spoil the story. I am throughly enjoying the series though, and at least at this point recommend this to anyone wanting to read the scanalations (found on; provided by


c0rin said...

Funny how I never got this manga..hmm.

Michael said...

Got as in understood? Or as in picked up, because there's another manga titled Doubt! which is completely different. As far as I know this isn't published here in the US, at least not yet.

Rincewind said...

After reading the first chapter I only can say two things.
1) Great manga, pretty intriguing.
2) The character killed... ¡Nooooo! ><

Anonymous said...

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