Saturday, September 1, 2007


JAMPcon Banner, originally uploaded by millermz.

I have been meaning to post something on JAMPcon for sometime now; however, now that I've finally got the chance, well be prepared because I won't hold back!

Specifics (in journalistic terms):

What? - JAMPcon is the 2nd anime convention hosted in Tennessee, and the first ever in Chattanooga.
Where? - Chattanooga, TN at the Choo Choo
When? - March 28-30, 2008

I'm extremely excited about JAMPcon because after I moved away from Bowling Green, KY, home of Daigacon, back to Tennessee, I thought it'd be awhile before an anime convention was in my backyard. However, JAMPcon has changed all of that!

This first year is to be themed Final Fantasy, which for many of you should add a whole level of fun, or maybe just curiosity. Additionally, the guests thus far are Samantha Harte and Illich Guardiola with more on the way I'm sure.

So if you live anywhere near Chattanooga, or will be in the area then, you should definitely try to stop by JAMPcon and check out what they'll have to offer. Like I said, as planned this should be my second con ever, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the otaku of Chattanooga can create!

For more details:
- Official Site:
- MySpace:
- Forum:
- Or check the group out on Facebook...

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Andrea said...

Hey!^_^ Love the post, very nice! So how did you make those sections on the left side of your blog? o.O

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