Sunday, August 26, 2007


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Over the past couple months I've kept up fairly regularly with this blog, which I'm definitely glad to be able to say. I've provided anime reviews, links to amv's and music videos, one con report, and of course just some general banter.

Even so, my honest intention of creating a blog was to hopefully create either an exciting site that many would like to visit regularly, or a dedicated few which is cool too, or on the other hand this blog could be a launching pad for a hopeful career/part-time work writing for anime/otaku publications about anime/otaku topics. Now, I know I'd be impatient to expect either of those options to have really happened, but I still can't help thinking that I have more that I could do, no that I should do, to help with the blog.

So, here's my question posed to you, and it's simply this - should I try to conduct interviews for this blog. While this may be something that'd give an obvious boost, I ask this credulously because my blog is admittedly nothing special, and I don't know who I'd be able to really even get as an interview subject at this point. Not to mention, that I'm still fairly new in the fan community, so I have not met many people yet, at least personally, that might qualify.

Now, I do have interview experience, having interviewed bands for my college's online magazine, and having covered a convention before - Daigacon (which finally explains for all those wondering early on why I was busy so much during the con.) So it's not like I lack the skill, just the name recognition, or site recognition.

I already mentioned one reason why this interest me, but additionally I am hoping to start an anime/jrock/jpop anime show at my local college radio station (show name suggestions, please! ), and will hopefully conduct interviews for that as well. However, that's still in my mind, so at the moment both the concept of interviewing for the blog, and me doing the radio show, are still possibilities, albeit a definite hopeful for the show.

Well, I know this is long, but I really would appreciate any feedback regarding this. Perhaps I'll find the answer myself, but I like comments as well, so don't be afraid to leave some.

Ok, so regardless my next post will be something a lot less introspective and a lot more otaku so if you didn't like this, then please await the next post, which will be so much cooler... I hope.


SamIII said...

Hey, stumbled across your blog while looking for people that have purchased from J-list.

My blog is pretty broad but features a lot about anime.

Was your service with J-list any good? Any problems with it? I was thinking about purchasing something from there.

Michael said...

Cool blog! Also, to answer your question my purchase was simply an Japanaese iTune card, so that's not really indicative of J-List service; however, I've had friends order from them with no problem, so I wouldn't worry.

(Also, Samii I know I messaged you back personally, but I thought I'd answer here too, just in case someone else had the same question...)