Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Now I know with the internet, milestones such as getting a thousand hits or views are really something few even notice, but noticing that I've now had over 1000 views, I have to say that honestly I'm flattered that so many people have passed by.

So if you do happen to swing by feel free to comment and add your two cents, because the internet is just that cheap. Speaking of which, I accidentally said I only got one 'strange' comment some time back; however, I forgot in one of my very first posts I had a nice comment sent in by Kristine, and I just want to say sorry for forgetting you and thanks once again for the comment! Even as only a few months have passed time seems to have passed by very quickly for me and sometimes I forget stuff like that.

Ultimately though, I want to thank all of you though who choose to visit for viewing, and I'll be back with more soon!

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