Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking for Jrock/pop/rap/indie suggestions

JRock @ Umeda Station- Osaka, originally uploaded by HONDAcrg.

I know I haven't been too traditional with my posts lately; however, I've finished up both Beck and Samurai Deeper Kyo recently, so expect reviews soon. Also, I just picked up an interesting manga called Bus Gamers, and while I know little about it, I'm enjoying what I've read thus far.

My main reason though for asking about suggestions regarding Japanese music of all varieties is that I'm going to try and host a JRock type show, or so I hope. While I appreciate suggestions with anime themes, I really want to bring the rock-ier sounds of Japan over, because I believe not enough people truly understand that just because the language is different, Japanese people still know how to rock. Actually this can be said for most other countries, but obviously I have a connection I feel with getting Japanese music out into the world.

Having recently moved, I seem to be surrounded my a new burgeoning fan community, and I really hope that I can be a part of that! Which reminds me I'll have to plug the debut con we'll have next year, but let me just part for now, and leave all that for the future.

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