Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's Going On

Anime DVD racks at the Place d'Orléans HMV store., originally uploaded by Steve Brandon.

Generally, since I'm either trying to post some sort of review, or other anime related content, I feel as if I rarely get a chance to expound about my own anime partakings. Indeed, I started of this blog with a con report about my activities, but it seems like it's going to be until next year till I am able to attend another con, so really all I'm doing is watching shows, buy stuff, and well talking otaku here on this blog, and assorted forums.

So, I'll try to expound upon my watching shows, since that's easily the most prevalent part of anime in my life. As you may have seen, I all of a sudden had Shakugan no Shana up on currently watching, only to marathon through and review it in my previous post. Before, and during that, though I've been watching Inuyasha which is quite a feat in itself, because while I do like the show, I do agree parts get repetitive, but more importantly I just finished episode 68, and I believe there are 99 more to go plus some movies, so the long haul is just that, long!

When I think of a show like Inuyasha though, I realize that while the overarching goal of collecting the jewel shards is always there, almost like a MacGuffin, there is still a fair amount of action. Naruto and Bleach on the other hand have seemingly cooler plots, which vary by story arc; however, much like Dragonball Z, training and talking seem to be more prevalent in the stories than the cool battles which, let's face it, are one of the main reasons many of us, male especially, otaku turned to anime, and these shonen shows in the first place.

Of course, anime isn't all fighting, and a show I discovered through Aaron of the Weekly Anime Review podcast, and rediscovered through Wildarmsheero of the Mistakes of Youth web comic, proves that, and that show is Genshiken. I'll do a full review later, but just to say simply the show is about Japanese otaku, and one I think all otaku need to see. I'd already finished the first season, and started watching the OVA's, which are pretty cool too. Now another's season's on the way, so I'm excited about that, so I guess with new seasons of Shakugan No Shana and Genshiken on the way I'm pretty set for my distant future anime watching.

Other than that as I mentioned I'm not con touring yet, since I'm trying to secure a job and really where I'll be living these next few years, but I've planned accordingly for really any company's town to which I'm applying. So for now, I can stay hooked to this blog from wherever, and talk to whomever, which is always cool. Like I've mentioned in the past, if something catches your eye, or strikes it like a stick, then please comment and say what was wrong, right, or just out of this world, because I didn't just start this blog for me...

Either way, I appreciate those of you who do, and have stop by, so thanks for that, and I guess I'll try to have another review on the way for my next post!

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