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Bartender Review

Bartender, originally uploaded by oxcuridaz.

I know that I want to somehow achieve otaku notoriety with my writing, as I've been hoping and trying for freelance work for a couple months now; however, as with all things I guess that may only come with time. As such, I hope to always have regularity with my blog, and good content as well. My last post was more on a whim, and something that interested me but probably not too many others. Now though, I'm back with a review of a show that's not been licensed, so I hope this will be of more interest to those few readers I've accrued in the past couple of months.

Review of Bartender

There is a small bar, hardly noticeable unless one's looking for it, known as Eden Hall. There works the bartender Ryu Sasakura, one who is said can give the customers their "Glass of the God." Indeed, Ryu does show himself to be a master bartender, and with each episode he is able to, with his knowledge of spirits and people, deliver to each customer their "Glass of the God" and thus alleviate their worries, and sometimes even improve their life.

That's the plot, and right off the bat you're probably think either this sounds very dull, or quite awesome. Well, I won't deny that this is the most placid anime I've ever seen; however, that comfort and serenity that is found in the bar, is perfectly reflected in the anime, and as each customer gets a pick-me-up, I as the viewer felt equally lifted.

Now, the series originated from a manga by Araki Joh, and has been adapted into this eleven episode anime. Obviously, the length is not too long to provide a real sense of commitment, and since the stories don't exactly intermix, one can go some time without watching an episode. I do still recommend watching them in order however, since, and this is one of my favorite parts of the show, people helped early on come back as narrators and help tell the story of others befit with woe who find themselves in the bar known as Eden Hall.

My only complaint may be that, while this anime got me interested in the work that is bartending, many of the stories told about the drinks, usually told to lend similarity to the customers' own tale, are in fact either rumored, or more-or-less made up. Now, this is not with every episode by far; however, just enough to where I wonder whether my new knowledge gained from watching Bartender is true, trivial, or even correct, although I assume the drinks themselves are quite real.

Might I add that one does not have to be an aficionado of alcohol either to enjoy this, as I myself am a legal non-drinker by choice. Merely the mystery of the bar, as they say in almost every episode, and the mystery of the character's stories is enough to draw me in.

Thus, I rate this quite favorably, and suggest this for anyone either having a bad day who wants to just relax with an episode, or for those of you waiting for subs, and want some quality anime to fill the time. As I mentioned, this anime is not action, nor really even excitement; but if you like serenity in a glass, and in anime, then this my friends is for you.

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