Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Call me... Naruto?

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Call me what you want, but I will say it now. I am a fan of Naruto. No, I am not one of those people you think of wearing the headband all around, mainly because I've yet to cosplay, especially as a Naruto character (I'd have to be Choji), but because that's not me. Yes, I do have a Kakashi shirt which I occasionally wear, and a badge, which stays hanging in my car at all tmes, but I don't go around waving Naruto in people's faces every 12 seconds, or even every fifteen. That said though I, as mentioned, do like the show.

While I could go into some review now, as I originally planned for the first movie, I am just going to state my history with the show. To do that though, I'll take you back to 1990+ sometime. Back in the days when I'd come home from school and watch Dragonball Z, a tradition my brother and I casually shared. Now, this wouldn't be all the time, but it kind of became habit and part of my introduction to anime.

That said Naruto, with its fair number of similarities to Dragonball, has become my new tradition. Yes, I watch the Cartoon Network dubbed versions, and yes, I probably wouldn't have known about the show if it wasn't for Cartoon Network, and more specifically my premiere anime friend, but then again I can thank those two for most of my anime introductions (until more recently). Point is though, that watching Naruto weekly on Cartoon Network is my tradition, so I am way pre-filler, and loving it like you used to before the fillers killed the vibe.

Okay, maybe I'm just being harsh, but I think people stopped liking Naruto because of the hype, probably excessive as they say, and the fillers, oh the fillers! However, I've realized this will be the death of many a series, particularly shonen, if I let it be, so I refuse. As Naruto never gives up, neither will I, and maybe that means skipping the filler or something rash act? Not sure, but it definitely means that while I may be 'hated on' for watching, I will keep my tradition, and let those more adventurous, (at least till I’m ready), catch what's new, while I look back at their not so old memories, and rejoice anew.

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