Saturday, March 3, 2007


Welcome to The Anime Life! Why 'The Anime Life' you may ask? (Go ahead... I dare you!)

Well, one thing that struck me ever since I got my first real thirst for anime is that the fans don't just appreciate anime shows or films as we Americans would average TV shows of average American movies. Far from it, as many even go so far to incorporate, or maybe even attempt to live an 'Anime Life.'

Of course, this isn't to say that we all carry swords at the office, or anything like that; however, Otaku (fans of anime) just seem to find a richer appreciation for the anime itself, thus encouraging the medium of Anime to have a rich life of it's own.

So to say that we the fans and the Anime, along with those behind the anime, are all part of one connected unit that allows the Anime to come together is in my mind pretty fitting. Without fans there is no need for shows, and vice versa, so we maintain ourselves in an Anime harmony.

And it is in regards to this Anime harmony that I choose to write this blog. Indeed, a substantial amount of writing, discussing, podcasting and the like are already occurring all across the internet; however, I feel like I can provide my own unique voice into this Anime Life we lead, and perhaps make the life even more richer, if only by a little, than ever before.

If this interests you, then I do encourage you to keep reading, since like Anime, a blog is nothing without it's readers, and I am little without you.

- Michael Z. (Zippy)

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