Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anime Podcasts

When I first began my journey into the world of anime, I quickly discovered that my love for what was then a new medium, podcasting, had quickly coincided with the fandom of anime, producing some early, but excellent anime podcasts. While I listen to a few of these podcasts, today I will discuss the first two that I ever heard, and why I continue to listen to them today.

Weekly Anime Review Podcast (WARP)

First up, is the Weekly Anime Review Podcast. This podcast is hosted by Aaron, out of Ohio. As you might guess, the podcast is pretty self explanatory, and sometimes the simplicity of the format is the best part. My first podcast ever, for instance, was the Reel Reviews Podcast, and Aaron's is very similar, since the audio quality is great, the reviews are great, and Aaron himself lends a nice, almost comforting, friendly air to the subject of anime. Being a little older than the new anime fans, including I, Aaron adds a maturity that I don't always find in otaku speak, and a depth of knowledge which I definitely do not have personally. Being my first anime podcast is probably not a great feat since I just kind of searched for anyone, but the fact that I've been listening as long as I have to his, and others thanks to WARP definitely says something. So thanks Aaron...

Otaku Generation

Otaku Generation was at first a podcast I briefly listened to (somewhere around episode 23), and decided that the show was a little long for me, and at that time decided not to listen to it. A couple weeks later, I heard OG's promo on WARP and picked up where I left off and, with a new work schedule to allow, I listened to the full episode 23 in it's entirety. I haven't look/listened back since (yeah, I know...) because I honestly love every minute of the show, which when you consider that the show comes in around 2hrs for a short show is very impressive. The OG crew does it all, with anime/manga news, reviews, cool gadgets, contests, exciting guests, and all sorts of OG goodness in between you begin to wonder how they can even keep all this greatness down to 2 hours, and sometimes why only 2 hours? Yeah, this show has completely earned my ear and respect, so I stay dedicated as they, with their regular weekly schedule, creep up on that rare number 100 episodes! Go OG!

Well, that's my two anime podcast's I'm focusing on for now, and definitely some of my very favorites. If you like anime (which I presume you do if you're here), and you like, or think you may like podcasts then definitely check out both the Otaku Generation and Weekly Anime Review Podcasts.

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